Do we offer discounts?

Yes. We offer… Senior Citizen Discounts/Military-Veteran/While were in the Neighborhood/and our most popular Same Day Discount.

Do we offer financing?

Yes. We use Enerbank USA that offer many options.

Do we offer free estimates and project consultations?

Yes. Our professional project consultant will work with you and your family from beginning to end.

Are they energy star efficient?

Our doors and windows do qualify for all Energy Star criteria.

Are materials American made?

Yes. Our window and doors are made right here in the USA. Windows (ProVia) are made in Youngstown, Ohio and our doors (Provia) are made in Sugar Creek, Ohio.

Do we subcontract?

All work is done by our professionally trained EMPLOYEES. We only sub contract fields that require specific licensing. I.E. Plumbing, electrical and HVAC.

What type of projects do we specialize in?

Windows and doors are our specialty. However we are well versed in most aspects of construction.

Do we have a referral program?

We do! We will hand you a referral check after the sale as well as after the installation.

What is the turn around time?

6-8 weeks under normal circumstances and conditions.

How do we handle HOA and permit requirements?

We will handle all permitting and provide the required documentation to the necessary parties after signed contract and down payment is received.

How long have we been in business?

Lombardozzi Construction has officially been in business since 2013. Our experience in the industry extends almost 10 times that.

Do we have a warranty?

Yes, in addition to the manufactures warranties, we offer a 2 year workmanship warranty on all general contracting projects and FREE SERVICE CALLS FOR LIFE on all qualified projects.

Why is there a gap between new window and existing opening when first set?

Replacement window should always be smaller than the opening to allow the new window to be square in a potentially out of square opening. You also need room to fit insulation between new window and existing opening. Once window is set square and insulated, the window will be trimmed out for appearance and sealing purposes to ensure a proper install.

Will the installers need to come inside?

Yes we will need to come inside to properly tear out old window without damaging the opening, properly fasten the new window units in place, to trim out window and to clean up.

Will we need to move furniture, blinds and curtains?

Yes. Also, it is recommended to a wait 24 hours before reinstalling blinds to allow adequate drying time of caulk.

What steps are taken to minimize construction related mess and debris?

Drop cloths, cardboard, and or plastic will be used to cover any and all floors and furnishings as needed. Job site will be cleaned daily or as needed and thoroughly at job completion.

Will someone show me how to operate my window?

Yes. Installers will give a full demonstration after installation process is complete.

What about lead paint?

Any home constructed prior to 1978 fall under the federal RRP rule. Yes we are licensed and comply with all EPA regulations to facilitate any projects where lead is present.

Are we insured?


Are we licensed?


Do we carry Workman’s Compensation?